Hi, I'm Ramya Anand, Visual Designer at Google

I specialize in visual storytelling, blending research, illustration, and animation to bring marketing concepts to life. For the past 5 years, I've honed my skills creating successful multi-channel print and digital campaigns for prominent brands. Presently with Google Developer Studio, I drive impactful social media campaigns and build design libraries. Drawing from my engineering background and strong UX skills, I am excited about connecting the dots between marketing goals, user needs, design, and technology.

Google Cloud Thumbnail templates
Creating diverse thumbnail templates for various series on the Good Cloud Tech YouTube channel, adhering to the new visual style.
Graphic Design, Design System, Youtube
Google Play tips animated campaign
Delivering animated, practical tips for business owners on Google Play.
Storyboard, Motion Design, Social campaign
Google Cloud illustration library
Streamlining Storyboarding & Animation: A Diverse Illustration Library for Google Cloud
Illustration, Design system
Motion graphics for Google
Collection of animations designed to support impactful social media campaigns for various clients at Google
Storyboard, Motion Design, Social campaign
Android Kotlin campaign
Celebrating the Kotlin - Android 5 year anniversary with fun social media assets ( banner + social template)
Graphic Design, Social Media campaign
Go Gopher illustration library
Building an illustration library of Go Gopher that helps in the effortless production of social posts and other graphics
Illustration, Design System, Twitter campaign
Bank of America - New Subscription Tracking Feature
New proposed feature in Bank of America app for tracking and editing subscriptions
Passion Project, User Research, UX Design
Craft blog Redesign
Using data to improve the user experience of this craft blog.
UX Research, UX Design, Front-end Development
Marketing Design for Mission College
Various print and digital assets created to promote the events at Mission College
Graphic Design, Print Design, Social media
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