Personal anecdote
My Debut in animation
This project holds a special place for me, as it marked my debut in animation. It brought me great satisfaction to be credited as an animator and motion designer. Initially, I focused on animating the boards designed by other team members, but as the campaign progressed, I was entrusted with the dual role of storyboarding and animating the tips. This shift granted me greater creative freedom and flexibility, making the project immensely enjoyable.

The Play Academy team has curated excellent guidelines for illustration and visual design, including recommendations for colors and typography. These guidelines served as the foundation for my storyboards, and they also had a
handy illustration library that I leveraged. My task involved reusing and expanding upon the existing assets to
craft the storyboards.

Additionally, the initial fold-over animation was integral to the brand. I maintained the total animation's duration between 8 to  15 seconds to engage the audience with the tips. I employed straightforward and understated movements to effectively convey the message.​​​​​​​

Playbiz tip #1

Storyboard by James Burke, Animation by Ramya Anand
Title: Make notifications personal, relevant, actionable, and timely
Copy: Struggling to keep new users coming back?
#PlayBizTip: Optimize session frequency by adding notifications into your app or game that are:  Personal, Relevant, Actionable, Timely

Playbiz tip #2

Storyboard by James Burke, Animation by Ramya Anand
Title: Encourage habitual usage
Copy:  As an app designer, how do I optimize user experience to encourage habitual use?
#PlayBizTip: Avoid creating friction by showing users what they will get if they take the time to invest in the app.

Playbiz tip #3

Storyboard by Raphael Kerley, Animation by Ramya Anand
Title: Pre-launch goals
Copy:  Not sure if your game is launch-ready?
#PlayBizTip: Set pre-launch goals such as: Improve app performance and stability, Drive pre-registrations, Set your pricing and monetization strategy

Playbiz tip #4

Storyboard and animation by Ramya Anand
Title: Implementing a smart lock
Copy:  Users abandoning app after first-use — what should you do? 
#PlayBizTip: Build features which make the onboarding process as smooth as possible - such as implementing a smart lock that allows for pre-filled details.

Playbiz tip #5

Storyboard and animation by Ramya Anand
Title: Test your app before release
Copy: Want to understand your app’s user experience quality before its release?
#PlayBizTip: Test the app with users. Set up open, closed, or internal tests with the Google Play Console, then fix any technical or UX issues.

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