My Design Journey
I'm Ramya Anand, a Bay Area-based Visual Designer passionate about crafting memorable user experiences and engaging visuals. My journey into design began with creating clay jewelry and recycled crafts as a hobby. In 2013, I launched my website "Kriyative Kaleidoscope," where I shared craft tutorials, attracting 5000 monthly visitors.
To deepen my understanding of design, I pursued Graphic Design at Mission College, where I also interned in their marketing department, creating various marketing collaterals. Subsequently, I studied User Research and Experience Design from the University of Michigan. Together with a friend, I co-founded Train of Thought Design, offering digital illustrations, personalized prints, and customized gifts. 
My engineering background equips me with strong logical thinking and research skills, while my community college education broadened my design expertise across various mediums and aspect ratios. Entrepreneurship honed my
self-initiative, client communication, and digital marketing skills. Transitioning into a visual designer role in tech helped me to connect the dots and allowed me to merge my diverse skillset to simplify complex technology into compelling visual narratives.

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