As an in house graphic designer at Mission College, my responsibilities included interacting with clients from different departments and transforming their marketing objectives to print/digital assets. Here are some of the posters and digital screens designed by me. Almost all the projects were created by staying true to Mission College brand guidelines.

1. VTA Smartpass Banner
4' x 3' banner designed to inform students about VTA Smartpass. The banner was printed and kept outside the campus center building at Mission College.

2. Intrusion event poster
Intrusion is a play performed by Qurrat Ann Kadwani that helps to raise awareness about sexual violence. Since one actress plays 8 different roles, a collage was created with all the characters she portrays.

3. Summer/Fall Schedule Cover & Student Planner

4. Apply for graduation - flyer

5. Unwind before the grind - Flyer
Unwind before the grind is a fun event that helps students to unwind and have fun before their semester exams. 

6. Mental health resources - Trifold brochure

7. Logo Design

8. Digital screens
Digital Screens created to market new courses and classes at the start of the semester.

9. Social media posts

Other projects

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