Priceline.com is one of the world’s largest travel booking websites that has sold more than 100 million tickets since its launch.

The goal of the project is to understand whether frequent travelers can use this site to plan their trips effectively.

The key issues were identified by conducting user tests and redesign recommendations are included to address these critical issues and to improve the overall user experience of Priceline.com. The redesign is conducted through several common UX methodologies such as User Testing & Heuristic Evaluation.
This is an independent project and is not affiliated with Priceline.com. I focused on analyzing the Priceline.com user experience for planning the itinerary while finding opportunities to improve the flight search interface.
Project Type, Duration
Self initiated individual project , 3 weeks
Tools Used
Quicktime, Zoom, Miro, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop XD
1. To understand the issues the user is facing when planning their itinerary using Priceline.com
2. To enhance the usability of the site and provide a smooth booking experience for the customers.
3. To improve user retention and conversion rates.
Target users
Travelers are students, business people, and professionals across a variety of industries between the ages of 25-50. They generally use these websites to plan their vacations and business trips. They use multiple travel sites to research flight options and choose based on the lowest price. These travelers prefer a simple website with a transparent and trustworthy booking process.
Planning the User Test
Priceline.com is one of the largest players when it comes to online travel planning. To ensure a smooth booking process, the user experience of the site is vital. View the slideshow to understand the planning, methodology and key findings.
Summary of Results
In general, the users were able to complete most of the tasks but almost everyone found it difficult to understand the price breakdown of the round trip.

Almost all the users were unsuccessful in finding the email itinerary option. Overall the usability of the site is good but certain features conflict the mental model of the participants.
The main issues are categorized based on their severity.
1= cosmetic problem; no real usability impact
2 = minor usability problem; fix if there is time’
3 = major usability problem; important to fix
4 = usability catastrophe; imperative to fix
The quotes from the participants are included as evidence to support critical issues. P01 for participant 1, P02 for participant 2, P03 for participant 3.
Finding 1
Design Solution
Finding 2
Design Solution
Finding 3
Design Solution
Finding 4
Design Solution
Finding 5
Design Solution
Generally, user tests with over 5 participants yield better results. But because of the given situation, only three participants were recruited. Hence the results shown above are for a very small sample size. Two user tests among the three were conducted online using zoom. Though the test was recorded the actual reaction of the user was not clear since the user was sharing his/her screen.
Priceline.com is a famous travel website to find the best deals on flights, car rentals, and hotel stays. Compared to most travel websites, Priceline makes it easy to navigate and find discounted deals but certain usability issues impact the overall user experience of the site. The recommendations contained in this report has been arrived upon performing three usability tests, collating and evaluating the quantitative and qualitative data. By following these recommendations the Priceline.com could see a significant improvement in the user retention and conversion rates.

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