Personal Anecdote
Last minute designer
This project was handled by another designer for three weeks and she had to leave for some emergency so the
project came to my hands. We didn’t have the working files which meant we needed to start from scratch with just a week time for the due date. The stakeholders were stressed because of the launch date. Did I manage to meet the stakeholders' expectations?

Communicate the fun and celebration without cake and balloons
During the initial meeting, it became clear that the stakeholders sought simple and clean designs, without any unnecessary embellishments. They emphasized the importance of creating visuals that resonate with a global developer audience, preferring a friendly and playful tone while avoiding clichés like cakes and balloons to convey celebration. This clear communication of their preferences from the start proved invaluable in steering the project in the right direction, significantly reducing feedback and iteration time. 

Concept Development
High-five and Kotlin logo party banner
I proposed incorporating the concept of "high-five" as a visual element, which excited the clients.  Upon examining
the Kotlin logo, I was inspired to create a pennant party banner. I then presented few design concepts combining
these elements.
Social post template
Final Designs
The clients were very happy with the concepts and suggested a few minor edits before approving the final design. 
From high-fives to clicks 
The overall campaign was a huge hit with lots of engagement on X(twitter) and LinkedIn. 
The stakeholders were impressed with my work and awarded me with "Make my day"employee bonus recognizing my contribution in delivering the assets on time.
"Ramya did an amazing job jumping into the #Hi5KotlinOnAndroid campaign. She was
great at understanding the brief and creating designs that really communicated the
fun and excitement of the campaign, while ensuring the key messages were still
being delivered. Thank you Ramya! "
- Isabella Fiterman ( Product Marketing Manager, Android)

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