Why this project? 
Crafting social media to celebrate a milestone
The Android team was celebrating a big milestone: 5 years of Kotlin on the platform. They launched the "hi5onAndroid" campaign to boost developer community engagement and highlight the successful partnership. My role was to create social media assets – a blog post banner and social post template – to fuel the campaign.​​​​​​​

Personal Anecdote
Last minute designer
The project was well underway when another designer had to step away. With just a week to go and no access to previous files, the baton was passed to me. Stakeholders were understandably stressed about the launch date. Did I manage to meet the stakeholders' expectations?

Communicate the fun and celebration without cake and balloons
From the initial kickoff meeting it was clear that the SH are looking for simple and clean designs without any frill or flare. They don’t want us to use cliches such as cake or balloons instead they want something that would appeal to the worldwide developer audience. They want this campaign to have a friendly and fun tone without the use of
cakes and balloons. 

Concept development
Spark of Inspiration: 
Researching past campaigns, I discovered a memorable video from Google I/O 2017 showcasing Kotlin unlocking Android phones. This concept resonated with the developer community, so I wanted to recreate that excitement.

High Fives & Pennant Party
I proposed using high-five as a visual element and the Kotlin logo as inspiration for a celebratory pennant banner. I presented four design concepts to the team.

Winning Design
The client loved the concepts and requested minor tweaks before finalizing their choice.

From high-fives to clicks 
The overall campaign was a huge hit with lots of engagement on X(twitter) and LinkedIn. 
The stakeholders were impressed with my work and awarded me with "Make my day"employee bonus recognizing my contribution in delivering the assets on time.

Key Takeaways
Adaptability under pressure: Stepped in at the last minute to take over design responsibilities with a tight deadline. Prioritized tasks and maximized efficiency to ensure meeting the deadline.

Creative problem-solving: The brief called for a celebratory design without cliches like cake and balloons. By revisiting past campaigns and considering developer preferences, I came up with the high-five and pennant banner concept.

Understanding developer audience: Designed with the developer community in mind, using the Kotlin logo as a pattern to connect with their interests and ensure relevance.

Efficient execution:Streamlined design process by communicating effectively with stakeholders, presenting multiple concepts for quick feedback, and delivering final assets on time.

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